White Tara

In Tibetan Buddhism there are usually 21 manifestations of Tara. Sometimes green, white, red, yellow, black. Each different manifestation of Tara serves a different function to aid the practitioner.

Here we have White Tara. White Tara is closely linked with long life practice, as its considered to help over come obstacles with in your own life and health, perhaps even other peoples health and well being that share some connection with the practitioner.

A little different from other Taras, White Tara has 7 eyes, the eye on her forehead and eyes on each foot and palms, symbolize her compassionate vigilance to see all the suffering through out the world. Her left hand lays resting in the wish granting mudra, while her right hand holds a lotus flower with two buds blooming from the top. The lotus flower symbolizes her knowledge of the three times (past, present and future).  White Tara is considered to be closely connected with Chenrezig, in some tales explain that she was born from the compassionate tears of Chenrezig. This could explain why she appears white in colour as apose to other manifestations of Tara.


Painting completed 2016
Painted by Damien Pascoe
Acrylic on Canvas, 24crt Gold Leaf, 38cm x 53cm,  Private Commission
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