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Welcome to the tutorials section of our website. Here you will find video tutorials on how to draw traditionally according to Tibetan Karma Menri Thangka style methods.

In the tutorials we progressively go through the Tibetan system of measurements or units, and how to use this system of measurements, we will then go on to explain the system of the grid, and why the grid is used in Tibetan Thangka painting, and the importance behind this.

In the first tutorial there is a systematical step by step process of how to draw the Buddhas head. Its advisable to progress through these tutorials one by one and not rush to the one you would like to do, as each has its own importance and makes it easier to draw the next series of drawings.

Its also advisable to practice a little, draw as much as you can to make these drawings as beautiful as you can before drawing the Buddhas body and his robes. In this tradition of drawing its highly stylized and disciplined, so it differs from western drawing alot where we draw what we feel like and put things where we think are pretty. Its better to copy the tutorial and the grids as these are drawings that haven't changed more or less since the time of Buddha Shakyamuni.

Along with the video tutorials there is a comments section and a download materials button also, so you can follow along. Please if you find these videos useful and helpful, share them with others. Id also ask to please treat the download material in a respectful manner, as this is material that has come from the books of my teachers.

Please also feel free to donate to the on going production of these online tutorials, theres a paypal donation button on each tutorial page.

To view a tutorial simply click on one to start.



Drawing buddhas body

This tutorial will cover how to draw the Buddhas body,the lotus, the symbology behind the Buddhas posture, and the grid for the body.

Drawing the buddhas robes

This tutorial will cover how to draw the Buddhas robes, the symbolic value behind the robes, and hoe to draw the body auras.

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