Books that may prove helpful


img_4665The new sun self learning book on the art of Tibetan Painting.

This book was produced by Jamyang Lama at the request of the 14th Dalai Lama to help with the preservation of Tibetan Art. Its produced in Dharamsala and is used in Thangka schools through out the region. This book manly focuses on the Karma Menri style of drawing.

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51giiwpm3hl-_sx258_bo1204203200_Handbook of Tibetan Iconometry.

This book is a scanned copy of a Thangka manual that was recovered from 17th century Tibet. It has over 200 colour scanned pages that include many various deities with all measurements.

The orginal text was produced by the famious 'Sangs rgyas rgya mtsho and Cha tshad kyi doe ris Dpyod ldan yid gso' at the time of the 5th Dalai Lama.

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13962-2Path to Liberation Tsering art school Manual.

This book was written by Konchog Lhadrepa, the principle of Tsering art school in Boudha Nepal.

It proves to be an extremely helpful resource to have as it provides grids for Karma Gardi style of drawing, as well as goes into alot of detail as to the history and origins of thangka painting. The book serves over all as a very good guide for people whom take thangka painting seriously.

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0c5626bc16294aac472a90481afb3d2fEncyclopedia of Tibetan symbols and mofits.

The end result of years and years of line drawings and research from the famous western artist Robert Beer, the book is full of detailed information about Tibetan iconography and symbology. Very helpful to understand the visual details of Thangka paintings.

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Nyingma Icons

Nyingma Icons is a collection of Icons that where composed in a text called 'he History of Nyingma Dharma' by His Holiness Dunjom Rinpoche. Later the deities where redrawn into the famious text we now know by a Tibetan sherpa called Gomchen Oleshey. In the book there is a very good introduction to the life and transmission of Gomchen Oleshey, how he lived his life as a hermit.

I found this book online as a free download, the giving kind. So in the interest of sharing Dharma im offering the same here with a download link to the book below. Please use the book with the upmost respect.

Download link for Nyingma Icons.pdf

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