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For those that live a little further abroad and would like to learn the traditional methods of Thangka in a more personalized manner with some guidance from a teacher, Online courses are available. Through these courses you will have personalized tuition with Damien through Skype and email. He will give you instructions as to how to draw the according to traditional Tibetan methods.

Each class will run online for ruffly an hour, in which you will be given direction on how to progress in drawing and painting. To progress there will be follow up correspondence through e-mail where you can scan a completed drawing and the teacher will grade it and send it back in preparation for a next class.

These courses are open to anyone whom may have a genuine interest in drawing and painting according to the traditional Tibetan style. In Buddhism, we say everything is dependent upon our intention, so with the right intention and a keen interest in learning about the symbolic values and tradition behind Thangka painting anyone is able to learn Tibetan Art. If your interested in any aspects of the scared art form please join us for a online course.

During a course each student will start with first course,  and when their work is passed they progress onto the next course. If a student has previous experience and would like some advice on how to progress, please drop us a line, always happy to help. All courses can be payed through paypal.

Please email: contact@damienpascoethangka.com

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Course one       $60 aust dollarsbuddhaface

  • Learning how to use the traditional methods of the Tibetan Grid
  • Learning about units (Traditional Tibetan measurements)
  • Drawing Buddhas Face
  • The symbolic meaning behind the imagery


Course two        $60 aust dollarsbuddhasbody

  • Learning the grid for the Buddhas Body
  • Learning how to draw the Buddhas Body
  • Learning how to draw hands and feet
  • How to draw the lotus
  • The symbolic meaning behind the Buddhas body


Course Three      $60 aust dollarsbuddharobes

  • Learning how to draw Buddhas robes
  • How to draw head and Body auras
  • How to draw the throne (if interested)



Course Four      $80 aust dollars3561617

  • How to draw and paint landscape elements
  • Wet shading and dry shading methods
  • Outlining


Course Five      $80 aust dollars

  • How to paint the Buddha
  • Colours used for Buddhas body robes auras and lotus


 For more information email: contact@damienpascoethangka.com

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