#My Tibet

#My Tibet, is a work about all the Tibetan refugees I know personally that I’m close friends with in Australia, both them and their families. You will see depictions of younger Tibetan children in the work some in toy cars, some cuddling bears. The depictions of a traditionally dressed Tibetan woman, Tibetan lama dancing, a yak, and Mt Kaliash, in the painting, all signify some of the rich cultural aspects in Tibetan culture.

In the centre is White Tara, this specific deity is connected to long life. As the situation is in Tibet at present, the work is a commentary wishing a long life to Tibet and the people of Tibet, more broadly wishing a happy life to all my Tibetan Refugee friends here in Australia. My Tibet, as this is how I relate to Tibetan culture.

Painting completed 2017, by Damien Pascoe
Acrylic on linen Canvas, 62cm x 47cm, Collection of Artist.
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Traditional Thangka Paintings

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