Medicine Buddha

The Medicine Buddha or (Bhaishaiguru), appears blue in colour because he is also known as the king of lapis (being lapis lazuli), one of the most precious stones known as it can be used for many different purposes and is rich blue in colour).
In the medicine Buddhas right hand with his palm faced out he holds the sprig of a arura plant. This plant is well known in Tibetan medicine as it has a wide range of uses to cure many different aliments and illnesses. In the left hand of the Medicine Buddha he holds a bowl of myrobalan fruit. Myrobalan fruit are also known for their great healing power. In this aspect the Medicine Buddha is known as the supreme healer as he is able to heal any illnesses and defilements.
Its important to know that in Tibetan Buddhism the Medicine Buddha isn't a living breathing blue person you can visit, but through different practices in Tibetan Medicine, a Tibetan Medical Practitioner can achieve some of the healing qualities described in sutric texts.


Painting completed 2012
Painted by Damien Pascoe
Acrylic on canvas, 38cm x 53cm, Sold at Auction
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