Guru Rinpoche Over Uluru

Guru Rinpoche or Padmasambava, is known is the great pandit that bought the Dharma to Tibet.

Although that is the definitive biography of Guru Padmasambhava, the historical figure Guru Padmasambhava’s life-story as known to the common disciples is as follows. When the time for Guru Rinpoche to liberate the beings of this world approached, on the tenth day of the sixth month of the Monkey year, he appeared miraculously in the blossom of a lotus in the lake called "Ocean of Milk" in South West Odiyana, which is also known as Lake Danakosha located on the Afghanistan-Pakistan frontier. However there are different interpretations regarding his birth. Some Indian historians affirm that he was born to a minister or a King of Odiyana, and some claim that he appeared instantaneously on the summit of Mt. Malaya in Sri Lanka. But Guru Padmasambhava’s treasure teachings confirm the version which states that he was born spontaneously from a lotus.

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This painting depicts Guru Rinpoche over Uluru. Uluru is commonly known to be the pure land of Guru Rinpoche (Copper Coloured Mountain) that resides in the middle of the Continent of Australia. Flying around Guru Rinpoche are some of his students, and above him in the clouds are offering Dakinis offering endless amounts of jewels and precious materials.


Painting completed 2016, by Damien Pascoe
Acrylic on Canvas, 38cm x 53cm, Sold at Auction
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