Guru Dragpur


Guru Dragpur, one of the many wrathful emanations of Guru Padmasambhva. The story goes, Guru Padmasambhva was invited to Tibet to help spread dharma by the 37th king, King Trisong Detsen.

At the time, Tibet was stilled governed by many wild demons and sorcerers. Upon arriving from Uddyana to Tibet at the request of the king, Padmasambhva ran into many of these obstacles. With his ability he was able to transform himself into Guru Dragpur to subdue and tame some of the sorcerers he encountered along his path. 

Guru Dragpur can also be commonly found in what is known as the 8 emanations of Padmasambhava




This painting was completed 2017
Painted by Damien Pascoe.
Brush and Ink, Gold Leaf, 42cm x 59cm, Sold at Auction
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