Emptiness is form


Emptiness is form, and form is emptiness, a famous quote from the Heart Sutra, or the Prajna Paramita from Buddha Shakyamuni.

This brush and ink drawing is trying to display this famous quote. You can see that what makes up the form of the body is comprised of  traditionally drawn lotus flowers, with the Tibetan syllable 'a' in the center. Around the body are the words from the same text written in Tibetan (with English letters.)

Modern science also says that our human body is made up of atomic partials, that form many different cellular parts in our complex bodies. This to is another way of saying that even something as solid as our body, is made up of many smaller elements. Simlar to the famous Heart Sutra.



Painting completed 2017
Painted by Damien Pascoe
Brush and Ink, Gold leaf, 42cm x 59cm,  Collection of Artist
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