Buddha of the three times

This painting is showing Buddhas of three times: Mahakachyapa, Buddha of the Past, Shakyamuni, Buddha of the Present, and Maitreya, Buddha of the Future. In the very center of the painting shows an image of Buddha Shakyamuni and his two principle disciples, Shariputra and Maudgalyana.

Around Buddha Shakyamuni is what is commonly referred to as the Garland of the Six Perfections. The Elephant represents the perfection of generosity, the snow lions represent the perfection of morality, the Unicorn with the Deva or (small man) represent the perfection of patience.
The Makara (mythological animal) represents perseverance, The Naga (half person half snake) represents meditative stability, finally the Garuda represents union of wisdom and prajna

There are commonly two halves to the garland of the Six Perfections, that unite meeting at the Garuda. One elephant is holding a Conch Shell (this represents a Sutrayana Path), The other Elephant is holding a Bompa Vase (which is symbolic of the Tantrayana Path. Both paths meet at the same point which is the one Garuda (union of wisdom and prajna.

This painting was completed early 2014
Painted by Damien Pascoe.
Acrylic on Canvas, 48cm x 71.5cm, Sold at Auction
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