13263749_1021533147934269_3032238666340423188_nDamien has over 10 years experience as a professional artist. He has trained in visual arts at QUT (Queensland University of Technology), and has spent 5 years studying the traditional methods of Tibetan Thangka Art, both in the west under his Teacher Andy Webber, and in Nepal Kathmandu under his teacher Miss Lacham Tsogyal of Tsering art School.

Damien is well versed in the symbology and Iconography of Tibetan art, and both the painting styles of Karma Menri and Karma Gadri (the two main Tibetan painting styles)

In a workshop students would start by learning how to draw Buddha Shakyamuni according to the traditional system of measurements, using grids to draw the Buddhas body, Robes and Lotus.


From there students can progress onto painting and can learn the traditional styles of drawing and painting. This would include:

  • Painting and shading methods
  • Wet shading, Dry shading, Wet blending
  • Using colour, how to use contrast tonality (colour variations) with in your painting.
  • Traditional ways of Painting landscape elements, clouds, rocks, water, trees, animals.
  • The iconography behind various elements.

Students can also learn how to stretch and make canvas traditionally using stretching frames, or making western style canvas.

Damien mainly teaches in the Australia regions as that's where he resides, but for those that live further abroad you can learn online also through our online courses


Teaching dates 2017

Damien is currently the resident teacher at:


If you live around the sunshine coast (Australia) or that general region Damien is running a Bi- monthly Tibetan art course aimed at teaching students how to draw Nirmanakaya figures according to the Tibetan tradition of drawing Thangka, all the way through to painting and canvas preparation. Courses will be held on each Saturday on the below dates:

  • Sat 25th March
  • Sat 27th May
  • Sat 29th July
  • Sat 23rd Step
  • Sat 25th Nov

People of any aged are welcome to join through out the course, more information will be available soon on how to register.



To book a workshop please write to us below, or call us on 0405 407 159

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