Arya Tara

Guru Ayra Tara, in this depiction known as Green Tara. Green Tara appears green in colour as she is comprised of the air element commonly known as 'Lung' in Tibetan. Why Green? Because green is the colour that passes through the trees when the air flows through them.
Tara sits on her lotus with one leg in half lotus posture and the other leg outstretched. She is more commonly depicted like this because Tara is always waiting in action, ready to move to help all sentient beings.
Her right hand is out stretched with the palm facing open, this is so because she is always ready to help all sentient beings.
In her left hand she holds a lotus with two buds growing out the top. The large lotus represents the present, the smaller to represent the past and the future, as Tara has all encompassing knowledge of the past present and future.
Above Tara is Buddha Amitabha, this is the Buddha family that Green Tara belongs to from the Five Dhyani Buddhas.
At the bottom right is Master Adzom Drugpa, a Tibetan lama from the later 18th century. This Thangka depicts the teaching of Adzom Drugpas Ayra Tara teaching.


Painting completed 2013
Painted by Damien Pascoe
Acrylic on Canvas, 38cm x 53cm,  Sold at Auction
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